Selling Your House As-Is

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    Sell My House As-Is in St. Louis, Missouri

    Why spend thousands of dollars on home repairs and staging your property when you can sell your house right now without spending a dime? 

    At Paramount Realty Group, we make it possible to sell your house as-is in St. Louis, Missouri. Instead of making home repairs, you can sell your house in its current condition regardless of the age of the property, any structural issues, or the reason you’re selling. 

    Unlike a traditional home sale, which often requires inspections, home improvements, and staging, our cash home sale solution allows you to get a fast cash offer from our pre-qualified home buyers and sell your house in as little as seven days. 

    • No home repairs
    • No closing costs
    • No realtor commissions
    • No listing your house on the market

    Sell your old, damaged, or vacant house fast with our local home buyers today.

    Call 314-472-8937 to get a fast cash offer. Sell your house quickly in St. Louis, Missouri.

    • No home repairs
    • No closing costs
    • No realtor commissions
    • No listing your house on the market

    Sell your old, damaged, or vacant house fast with our local home buyers today.

    Call 314-472-8937 to get a fast cash offer. Sell your house quickly in St. Louis, Missouri.

    How Much Do Home Repairs Cost When Selling My House?

    Home repairs are often the biggest expense when selling a house the traditional way. A home inspection can reveal issues that set you back thousands of dollars. Some of the most expensive home repairs include

    • Roof repairs or replacement: Costs can range from $5,000 to $15,000 or more, depending on the size and complexity of the roof.
    • HVAC system repairs: Prices vary depending on the type of repair needed, but expect to pay between $100 and $500 for minor fixes, and potentially several thousand dollars for a complete system replacement.
    • Electrical repairs: The cost will depend on the extent of the repairs, but minor electrical fixes could range from $100 to $500, while major rewiring projects can cost several thousand dollars.
    • Plumbing repairs: Simple plumbing repairs like fixing leaks or replacing fixtures may cost a few hundred dollars, while more extensive plumbing work, such as replacing pipes, could cost several thousand dollars.
    • Foundation repairs: Foundation issues can be costly to fix, with prices ranging from a few thousand dollars for minor repairs to tens of thousands of dollars for major foundation work.
    • Exterior painting or siding repairs: Costs vary based on the size of the house and the type of materials used, but expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 or more for exterior painting or siding repairs.

    As a rule, sellers in Missouri can expect to spend approximately 1-3% of their home's value on repairs and maintenance before listing it for sale. For example, if the house is valued at $200,000, the repair costs could range from $2,000 to $6,000. You will likely need to address several issues if you live in an older house. 

    So, if you need to sell your house fast in St. Louis, Missouri, major home repairs could set you back thousands of dollars and delay your move. A cash home sale may provide a better alternative.

    Sell Your House Right Now with Our Cash Home Sale Solution

    Experience the convenience and simplicity of selling your house as-is with Paramount Realty Group, your premier house-buying company in St. Louis, Missouri. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional house selling, from lengthy listings to stressful negotiations. 

    With our cash home sale solution, you don't have to worry about repairs, inspections, or time-consuming showings. We buy all types of houses.

    • Old houses
    • Rental houses
    • Vacant houses
    • Abandoned houses
    • Damaged houses
    • Inherited houses

    We buy houses regardless of their current condition or the circumstances surrounding the sale. You can sell your house fast, without worrying about costly repairs or improvements. It's time to relieve yourself of the burden that your house might be causing you. Let Paramount Realty Group provide you with peace of mind through our seamless and stress-free cash home sale solution.

    Paramount Offers a Cash Sale as a Viable Alternative to a Traditional Home Sale

    Whether you are going through probation or trying to downsize, a cash home sale from Paramount Realty Group can be a smarter alternative to a cash home sale for several reasons.

    • Speed and Efficiency: The probate process can be lengthy, and a traditional home sale may further prolong it due to financing, inspections, and appraisals. Our solution is much quicker, often closing in as little as seven days, helping to expedite the probate process and distribute the estate assets more efficiently.
    • Reduced Stress for Executors: As the executor of an estate, handling the complexities of a traditional home sale can be overwhelming, especially during an already difficult time. Paramount Realty Group simplifies the process and reduces the stress involved in managing the estate.
    • As-Is Condition: We buy houses as-is in their current condition, eliminating the need for costly repairs or updates. This saves the estate time and money and can be especially beneficial if the deceased's property has been neglected or requires extensive repairs.
    • Greater Certainty: Traditional home sales may fall through due to financing issues, buyer's remorse, or unfavorable inspection results. We offer greater certainty, as our buyers are not contingent on financing or other factors that may derail a sale.
    • Lower Costs: Cash home sales often have lower closing costs compared to traditional sales, as there's no need for lender fees, appraisal fees, or loan origination fees. This can result in more funds being available for the beneficiaries of the estate.

    We Simplify the Home-Selling Process with a Cash Home Sale

    The traditional process of selling a home can be a complex and costly undertaking that often involves a significant amount of time and effort. Even after spending time and money to prepare your property for sale, there is no guarantee that a buyer will be found. 

    Paramount Realty Group offers a simplified selling process that eliminates these uncertainties by providing a guaranteed offer. You can sell your inherited house as-is and receive cash by following four simple steps.

    Step 1: Contact Us

    Fill out a form on our website or give us a call to get started. Tell us about your property and why you need to sell your house fast. Feel free to ask us questions about our local home buyers.

    Step 2: Schedule a Walkthrough

    If we are interested in your property and seem like a good fit, we will schedule a walkthrough at a time that’s good for you. No need to prepare or clean  the property. We buy houses as-is.

    Step 3: Get a Fair Cash Offer

    If we feel good about the property, we will make a fair cash offer that you can work with. In most cases, we can make an offer within 24 to 48 hours of viewing the property the first time.

    Step 4: Get Paid

    If you accept our offer, the final step is to sign the paperwork and close the sale. We typically pay up to 100% of the closing costs. Our title company handles the paperwork and pays you.

    • Reach Out to Us: Regardless of the state or condition of your house, we are interested in hearing from you.
    • We Assess Your Property: We assess your property’s current market value to determine if we want to make an offer.
    • Get a Cash Offer in 24 Hours: We make a fair, no-obligation cash offer within 24 to 48 hours so that you don’t have to wait.
    • Accept the Offer and Close the Sale: If you accept our offer, we start the closing process. We maintain flexibility throughout this process, adapting to your schedule and convenience.
    • Get Paid Cash for Your House: There are no hidden fees or commissions to worry about. We buy your house as-is directly from you without a realtor and pay cash.

    Why go through a complicated traditional home sale, when you can avoid all the steps and sell your house right now? Call us today and let us assess your property. We’ll make a cash offer you can work with.

    Sell Your House for Cash Regardless of Your Reason

    Sell your house in any condition, for any reason. We provide a flexible solution that caters to your unique situation. Whether your house is damaged, old, vacant, or a rental or inherited property, we're ready to make a fair cash offer.

    Damaged House

    Even if your house has sustained significant damage, we're interested. You don't need to worry about costly repairs or renovations. We take your property as it is, providing a fair cash offer based on the assessed value, freeing you from the burden of a damaged house.

    Old House

    Older homes often require extensive work before they can be sold on the traditional market, but not with us. Whether it's outdated decor, old plumbing, or structural issues, you can sell your old house to us, no refurbishments necessary. We see the potential in every property, regardless of its age.

    Vacant House

    Whether you've relocated, inherited an unused property, or simply have a house sitting empty, we can help. An unoccupied property can pose a financial burden and security risk. Sell your vacant house to us quickly and relieve yourself from the ongoing concerns and costs associated with maintaining an empty property.

    Rental House

    Managing a rental property isn't always easy or profitable. If you're tired of dealing with tenants or maintenance issues, we're ready to step in. We make selling your rental house a straightforward process, offering you a quick exit strategy from the stresses of being a landlord.

    Inherited House

    Inheriting a house can be a complex process, often accompanied by emotional and legal challenges. If you've inherited a property that you don't wish to keep, we can provide a simple solution. By selling to us, you can avoid the hassles of preparing the house for sale and dealing with the real estate market, turning your inherited property into cash quickly and efficiently.

    What Are the Benefits of a Cash Home Sale in Missouri?

    When it comes to selling your home, you want a transaction that is swift, uncomplicated, and beneficial. We offer a cash home sale with numerous advantages, allowing you to sidestep many of the traditional challenges associated with selling a home.

    Sell Your House Fast

    One of the significant benefits of a cash home sale is speed. You don't have to wait for potential buyers to secure a mortgage or deal with delays in the housing market. We can make a cash offer within 24 hours of assessing your property, and the sale can close shortly after you accept the offer. Sell your house fast and move forward with your plans.

    No Home Repairs or Inspections

    A cash sale eliminates the need for costly home repairs or time-consuming inspections. You can sell your house in its current condition without having to worry about sprucing it up for potential buyers. We buy your home as-is, saving you time, money, and the stress often associated with pre-sale home preparations.

    Skip the Realtor

    With a cash home sale, there's no need for a realtor. That means no commissions, no showings, and no waiting for the right buyer. You work directly with us, ensuring a straightforward, efficient process where you're in control.

    Work With Our Pre-Qualified, Committed Home Buyers

    Our buyers are pre-qualified and ready to purchase your home. You won't have to worry about deals falling through at the last minute due to financing issues. We're committed to the sale from the start, providing you with the certainty and peace of mind that your home will sell.

    No Closing Costs

    When you sell your home to Paramount Realty Group, we cover the closing costs. This means more money in your pocket and one less thing for you to worry about during the sale. We make your home-selling process as easy and beneficial to you as possible.

    Sell My House Fast in St. Louis, Missouri

    If you need to sell your house fast but don’t want the hassle of a traditional home sale, contact Paramount Realty Group. We buy houses as-is. No repairs are needed. Avoid closing costs and realtor commissions. Close in as little as seven days. Call 314-472-8937 to get cash for your home from our local home buyers in Missouri.

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      Frequently Asked Questions About Cash Home Sales in Missouri

      What does "selling a house as-is" mean?

      Selling a house as-is means selling it in its current condition, with no repairs or improvements made prior to the sale. We buy the house with all its current issues and faults.

      Can I sell a house in poor condition as-is?

      Yes, you can sell a house in any condition as-is. Paramount Realty Group will buyer as-is, regardless of the extent of damage or disrepair.

      How quickly can I sell my house for cash in Missouri?

      With Paramount Realty Group, you can receive a cash offer within 24 hours of us assessing your property. The entire sale can be completed in as little as a week, depending on your schedule and preferences.

      Do I need a real estate agent to sell my house as-is for cash?

      No, you don't need a real estate agent to sell your house for cash. You can sell directly to us, saving you from paying agent commissions and fees.

      How do you determine the offer amount?

      We determine the offer based on a variety of factors, including the location of the house, its size and condition, and current market trends. We ensure a fair assessment of your property's value.

      Will I have to pay closing costs when selling my house for cash?

      We cover the closing costs for you. This is part of our commitment to making the sale as beneficial to you as possible.

      Can I sell my house as-is if it's vacant or a rental property?

      Absolutely! We buy all types of properties, whether they're vacant, rented, old, damaged, or anything else. The state of your home does not impact our ability to make a cash offer.

      Do you buy inherited properties as-is?

      Yes, we do. We understand that dealing with inherited properties can be challenging, so we strive to make the selling process as simple and stress-free as possible for you.

      How can I trust that a cash offer for my home is fair?

      We provide a detailed breakdown of how we arrive at our cash offer, ensuring you're fully informed.